I was born in Texas. I grew up with an award-winning illustrator, my mom, and lived next door to my grandmother and an aunt who was an award-winning window designer. Dad’s talent was befriending people. I studied art in school, an easy B, and I was the oldest of 3 girls. We liked to dance and play dress up.

My love of art came after I married and needed to find a real job. I used to gift-wrap at a posh department store and occasionally ran the elevator and answered the phones there. But I needed a serious paycheck. It was logical for me to work in advertising.
That’s where Mom worked. So I signed on as a paste-up artist.

I remember my first job as an illustrator. It only took me a short 10 years before I began to be satisfied with my work. Later I joined SCBWI to write for children and was caught up in the wonderful world of illustrating picture books.


Texas Mother Goose
“Many of the rhymes are short and have their own illustrations that are colorful, lovely, and fun. Adorable illustrations of children and animals fill every page,...” 
Children's Literature
“Engaging watercolor cartoon illustrations accompany the verses...”
School Library Journal

Ten Redneck Babies
“Humorous paintings filled with sun-kissed babies in a variety of settings, offer another view...”

Kirkus Review
A Children's Choice Award book, 2005.